Saturday, August 13, 2016

Ribbon Racks for "FAIR WINDS"

I get a lot of people asking me about Harm, Mac and Meg in my stories and what their ribbon racks are.  Since I do all of this on PS Elements and since I've had four hard drive's hard to memorize a fixed ribbon rack.  So with littlekingsfan2005 asking me about the ribbon rack, here goes.  Here's the definitive RIBBON Racks for Harm, Mac and Meg for Fair Winds

Harm's Ribbon Rack

Mac's Ribbon Rack

Meg's Ribbon Rack 

I'll post up more of them as I can figure them out.  

Sunday, March 15, 2015

JAG Fanfic: Shared Passions

Read at Shared Passions

Pairings: Animal/Maegyn 

Summary: Maegyn has seen Animal before when she was a nugget in VF-41 but he left before they could get acquainted, but now he was back in the Black Aces, a senior officer, a lieutenant commander in the zone for O-5. The attraction was still there…will they or won't they take advantage of the situation.

Friday, March 13, 2015

JAG Fanfic: Damned Spooks

Read at Damned Spooks 

Pairings: Harm/Catherine Gale

Summary: Animal and the CIA do not play well together. Webb requires air support for a mission to go after Sadik Fahd and his Al Qaeda cohorts. Catherine and Harm have opted to continue the fa├žade of marriage for her mother's sake. Catherine Gale/Harm Rabb R. This is after Paraguay post-Back In The Saddle; Mac and Harm have had a complete and utter falling out; their relationship is in tatters.  

Author's Note: This story is not connected with byrhthelm's "Giving It A Try"; though I do blame him for making Catherine's character so appealing that I have had to watch Pas de Deux several times as a result.  


JAG Fanfic: Burdens of Heritage

Read at Burdens of Heritage 

Pairings: Animal/Tracy Manetti

Summary: A relationship borne of a close-working environment at the Pentagon is tested when Animal gets a call from relatives in Japan to come back to Japan to attend a soshiki of a much-loved uncle due to a motor vehicle accident involving a USN serviceman and a Japanese pedestrian.

JAG Fanfic: "I Shall Cry Unto The Heav'ns (Till The Stars Weep In Sorrow)"

A JAG Leonard Nimoy Tribute

A Bud Roberts JAG Fic.  

Summary: A Leonard Nimoy Tribute from JAG's Trek-fan. 

JAG Fanfiction: JAG: Rose Petals

Read at JAG: Rose Petals

Pairings: Various.

Summary: JAG Drabbles.

JAG Fanfic: Mentor

Read at Mentor 

Pairings: Animal/Meg

Summary: Everyone knows Animal has been a mentor to many aviators in the United States Navy, but at one point Animal had a mentor of his own.